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Malpack Corp Launches ProMax

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Malpack Corp Launches Pro-Max® Super Micron Hand Film

Malpack Corp is proud to introduce Pro-Max Super Micron Hand Film – bridging the gap between high performance and value. This hand film is a technologically advanced cast hand film designed with premium resin blends and manufactured on state-of-the-art cast extrusion equipment. With exceptional load holding force to keep loads in place, excellent cling to maintain load integrity and superior puncture resistance, Pro-Max Super Micron Hand Film provides a tremendous value in the hand wrap market.

“Through the development of Pro-Max hand film, our focus was to expand our successful brand Pro-Max with a high performance hand film that outperforms the competition in this category,” said Troy Wolf, US Sales Manager Malpack Corp. “Our customers deserve the best product performance available, while maintaining exceptional value,” added Wolf.

Pro-Max Super Micron Hand Film lives up to its brands high expectations providing:

* Excellent Load Containment

* High Clarity

* Tough Puncture/Tear Resistance

* Quiet Release

* Lighter Gauges – Reduced carbon footprint

When it comes down to performance and “Value”, Pro-Max Super Micron Hand Film is for you!

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